My Heroes

Jewels inspired by my heroes - people that I like, love, need, adore.

Connecting the function, form, material, colour, memories or shared stories together in order to capture the specific person as honestly as possible.


Jewel for Narcissus and their Therapy in three stages. 

 However, the third and last step still alows them to see a little part of their reflection - because everybody should be a little bit Narcissus, to like themselves.


Brooches-Rrattles for fighting with nerves – thanks to their shape (ideal for venting of tension), the gentle sound (relaxes and uses the shaking of hands) and also the mirror efect in it (which can help with concentration).

 Trying to cope with nerves through humor and self-irony but still to preserve part of it in us like a healthy source of adrenaline.


For my new/old flatmates. Trying to get to know them better through the jewels based on their hobbies, banal sentences, serious activities, work, desires.

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Racing jewellery. With tireless flywheel machine inside.

For Myself

Because I like it. Could this be the reason? 

Have you ever longed for a beautiful shining ring?

A shining sparkler instead of a shining diamond. Ephemeral beauty. With a charger-box!